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House Fires Hazards Close to Home

House Fires Hazards Close to Home

Garages can be a hotbed of fire hazards along with several items commonly found in your yard.  Here are some tips for National Fire Prevention Week to keep you safe all year long.   

Your Garage

Whether they’re attached or detached, garages are home to many combustible items.  Store cleaning agents, chemicals, fuels, rags, and building materials properly away from heat, ignition sources, direct sunlight and direct heat.

Like your kitchen appliances, unplug electrical tools when not in use. Don’t forget to check their cords for fraying and clear debris after use.

Your Yard

Your house is surrounded by your yard. So… if you’re at risk for a yard fire, you’re at risk for a house fire.  Remember to store wood and other combustibles away from your house—and remove yard waste and debris.  Ever notice compost and leaf piles get warm over time? They’re giving off heat and coud ignite.

Always smother and extinguish fire pits and trash burns before walking away.  Also keep your BBQ at least 10 feet from your house. And like cooking in your kitchen, keep fire extinguishers nearby, never leave the grill unattended, and avoid loose clothing while cooking. 

And, NEVER start the grill with the lid closed!

Check back for more safety tips as part of National Fire Prevention Week.