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What Keeps the Home Fires Burning?

What Keeps the Home Fires Burning?

While cooking is the #1 cause of house fires and home injuries, the kitchen isn’t the only place where sparks fly. Here are some other major causes.

#1: Candles. Keep them away from bedding, curtains, and other flammables, so don’t place on nightstands and windowsills! Blow them out if you leave the room, even for a few minutes. Burn them in a container that can contain a forgotten flame. 

#2 Electrical Cords & Wiring. Trash or repair frayed or broken cords on appliances including cell phone chargers!  Avoid using extension cords and power strips when possible. Unplug items not in use. Check & secure outlets and lightboxes that are loose. Call an electrician if lights flickers or outlets spark.

#3 Clothes Dryer: Clean the lint trap frequently. Check underneath for missing socks hiding near the heating element. Properly store cleaning products and detergents. Since you’re in the vicinity, clear any debris from your water heaters. Check and maintain them regularly to avoid malfunctions.  

Check back for more safety tips as part of National Fire Prevention Week.