Fire Prevention Safety Education Resources

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Fire Safety Tips & Info to Prepare You and Your Family

Understanding and implementing fire safety tips is paramount for safeguarding lives and property. By reading our fire safety tips and exploring our resources, you gain valuable knowledge on preventing fires, responding effectively in emergencies, and creating a secure environment for yourself and others.

Being well-informed about fire safety not only helps minimize risks but also empowers you to take proactive measures, ultimately contributing to a safer community. Regularly accessing and applying these resources ensures that you are prepared to face potential fire hazards and play an active role in promoting fire safety awareness.

Basic Fire Safety Tips You Should Know

Learn More From Our Fire Safety Partners

American Burn Association

The American Burn Association and its 2,500+ members worldwide focus on advancing burn-related research, education, care, rehabilitation, and prevention. This multidisciplinary approach fosters collaboration with other organizations to achieve common goals in educational programs.
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Sparky by NFPA

Sparky the Fire Dog is the National Fire Protection Association's official mascot and spokesdog, resonating with both children and adults as a beloved fire safety icon. Through educational programs and an interactive website,, he provides a safe space for kids to explore and learn about fire safety.
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Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are beautiful and be fun to shoot off but only when knowledgable individuals are handling the show. Learn about the danger fireworks pose, the potential accident rates and how to launch a safe show that will wow your community. Plus, see dynamic displays from around the world.
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Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

Members of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters have been safeguarding citizens and property across the Buckeye State, with the OAPFF consistently ensuring the well-being and interests of these first responders. They cover everything from benefits to peer support for those on the front lines.

MetroHealth Burn Care Center

The MetroHealth Burn Care Team, one of Ohio's two verified adult and pediatric burn centers, provides specialized care from the onset of a burn injury through full recovery, treating over 1,700 burn injuries annually. From care to ongoing support groups, they manage a wide range of burns, fostering survival even in cases with extensive body coverage.
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Northern Ohio Fire Fighters

Northern Ohio Firefighters Charities was founded to aid individuals in need. The funds raised by the charity directly contribute to improving lives, whether it's aiding a firefighter battling a debilitating disease, helping a family displaced by fire, or supporting medical expenses for a child with cancer.
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Phoenix Society

Phoenix Society serves as a comprehensive resource for burn survivors, caregivers, professionals, and anyone committed to empowering the burn community and fostering a safer world. Offering a one-stop-shop with support services, on-demand resources, and virtual toolkits, Phoenix Society connects thousands to the necessary support.
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American Red Cross

The American Red Cross actively fulfills its mission by providing shelter, food, and comfort to disaster-affected individuals, supplying a significant portion of the nation's blood, imparting life-saving skills, distributing international humanitarian aid, and offering support to veterans, military members, and their families.
Visit Red Cross by The Mesothelioma Center

Firefighters confront particularly high risks of asbestos exposure, leading to an increased incidence of asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma. The Mesothelioma Center offers support for firefighters dealing with occupational cancer and strive to mitigate toxic exposure in their work environments.

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