Fire Prevention Education

children learning fire safety with a fire fighter spraying a hose

Arming Our Community with Fire Safety Knowledge

Our goal is to minimize the occurrence of home fires across Northeast Ohio. Fire prevention education is at the cornerstone of fostering a safer environment for our community.

ACBC partners with local firefighters to conduct informative school presentations and participate in local community events. Our Fire Safety House, a trailer built to resemble a home, teaches participants to how to identify fire hazards and develop a fire escape plan.

By imparting knowledge of fire safety to individuals of all ages — from children to adults — we empower everyone to prevent fires and, ultimately, save lives.

About the ACBC Fire Safety Houses

We own two Fire Safety Houses available for schools, community events or Safety Towns, free of charge.

The training is more than simply calling 911! Local firefighters provide important lessons on avoiding common household hazards, promoting kitchen safety and escaping a possible fire. Children and adults will learn everything they need to know in our mobile simulation lab, which safely replicates a smoke-filled home environment.

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ACBC's fire education houses where children can learn fire safety

Meet Our Fire Safety Houses!

Get to know our two different fire safety education trailers and select one that would be best for your event.
one of ACBC's fire education houses where children can learn fire safety

Fire Safety House #1

Our first Fire Safety House is great for groups looking to get started with fire safety education. This House comes with:

  • A kitchen area for learning about the hazards of cooking
  • A door warmer test so visitors can learn how to exit a room during a fire
  • Smoke simulation to show how to exit a house during a fire
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one of ACBC's fire education houses where children can learn fire safety

Fire Safety House #2

Our second Fire Safety House takes things to the next level with more features and tests. This House comes with:

  • All of the features in Fire Safety House #2
  • Plus, two stories for additional safety training
  • A balcony with a ladder so visitors can practice exiting a house from higher level of the house
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ACBC's Fire Prevention Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what to expect from partnering with us and your local firefighters to bring fire safety education to your area. Don't see an answer to your question? Reach out and we'll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

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